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Are you planning a home improvement project of any sort? Do you have a picture of what you want every room of your home to look like in your mind? If yes, then the solution you need is none other than GALK Renovations LLC. Let’s bring the picture in your mind into admirable reality.

When you feel your home needs that due change, GALK Renovations LLC is the right home improvement company to call. Commit your home repair and renovation project into the hands of trusted professionals at our company and see the difference in the quality of the services we offer. With us, you are guaranteed nothing but exceptional results. We believe a home is a place of comfort, and comfort at home starts with the design and overall look of your home itself. You need to feel pleased when you look at the tiles on the floor, the paints on the wall, and also feel satisfied with how you feel about every room. This, among other things, is where we are unbeatable at GALK Renovations. To ensure you enjoy our quality home improvement services better, our repair and renovation services cover everything you need from woodworks to ceramic and tiles, from floor projects to roof projects, and from painting projects to wall covering projects. You can trust us for your:


Established in 2008 with the mission of helping home owners improve the quality of their property, GALK Renovations has been a home improvement company revolutionizing the industry. Over the years, we’ve been able to deliver quality services to our clients who trust us for their home remodeling and renovation projects. At GALK Renovations, we are licensed to carry out every one of our services and we are committed to providing you the best home improvement services more than ever. It is what we do and what we are known for. We know quality service is what our clients expect from us and we never disappoint. For every project, we try as much as possible to deliver on time, keep our clients satisfied, and work within our clients’ budget. Our customer support team is always ready to answer your questions and provide you with needed information about our services. If you ever need help, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. When you commit your project to our hands, you can be confident you are dealing with experienced professionals. Every member of the team is experienced and we are in the industry because we love the job. Renovating homes is nothing short of helping people actualize their dream for their home, and that incredibly makes us pleased.



The kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home, we know that.

Custom Renovation Service

Perhaps you want a unique type of home improvement service tailored particularly for you, we are at your service.

Ceramic Tile and
Hardwood Flooring

Ceramic tile and hardwood flooring is another of our services at GALK Renovations. =

Minor house repairs and renovation

Decks and Room add ons

Ceramic tile and wood flooring, and more.

Landscape Lighting


When it comes to home improvement, we know there are many options out there, but there are reasons why we stand out at GALK Renovations. Here are some of the reasons why we are the ideal company for your project:

One of the key points of our services is our customer satisfaction policy. In everything we do, we make sure our customers are satisfied with the service they paid for. With us, you are sure to be satisfied with your home improvement project of any sort. We are in this business because of our love for helping owners renovate their home into their dream home.

As an industry-leading home improvement company, we guarantee you quality service always. From the materials we use to the application of those materials in your home, the finished work is sure to last a long time.

We know your home matters to you, why not? And as a company that prioritizes the improvement of the quality of our client’s home, we are passionate about your home because it matters to you. We prove this through the quality service we offer.

Getting so much done by spending within budget is what everyone wants. If you want an affordable home improvement service at a budget-friendly price, then we are the perfect option for you. Look nowhere else because all our services are designed to ensure you don’t go above your budget whilst getting value for your money.

When experience mixes with professionalism, you are getting nothing short of extraordinary. Our 13 years plus experience renovating, remodeling, and improving the quality of homes has seen us take on several projects.

Will you be the next to benefit from our experience and professionalism in the home improvement industry? Contact us and let’s discuss your project today!


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